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I made this session the result of a strict collection of songs whose result is a very entertaining session full of effects and purely German style. I tried imnovar the changes, I hope, as always I hope you enjoy it.


Jacob Stereosonyc, born in the city of Pontevedra, has been revolutionizing the music scene since 1998, when he created his first session on "Oclear", which marked the beginning of a great saga. A quiet style, which some people call chill out, others club-house and even some say that is acid jazz in true French style, but what is clear is that the evolution of this artist is incredible. His great influence comes from the Austrian Dj Parov Stelar.
Musical styles selected by Jacob Stereosonyc to click are: electro-swing, electro-jazz, acid-jazz, jazzy house, club house, electro house, funk and jazz

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Between the Sea and the Land Vol4 the Night

Between the Sea and the Land Vol4 the Day


Between the Sea and the Land Vol3

The session that I bring is different from what you have heard from me before, because in this case has been a magestral impovisación Dj and electric bass. It's a shame that only you can share with mixtures of bases and songs.


Parov Stelar has again surprised us with a brilliant album, "The Demon Diaries". We made a selection of what we consider the best songs, and produced a remix unsurpassed.


A new short session of just over an hour, mixed live in the studio. Means the continuous search for new innovative styles to mix, experiencing with Chillout, Minimal not forget my origins in the Club-House.


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