Jacob Stereosonyc

From child to teenager

Jaime Vidal AK Jacob Stereosonyc ( telecommunications engineer , artist and creative ) , born in 1982 in a small town called Ponte Caldelas, when he was six years old his parents moved to the city of Pontevedra, where the development stage of childhood and adolescence.

Even as a small showed their creative talents make their own toys. But it was later, when in high school, where his profile as an engineer began to shine. At this stage he composed an album of electronic music.


When he was 18 he moved to Madrid to begin studying Telecommunications Engineering specializing in image and sound. During this period he deepened his own initiative, and following faithful to its previous stage, in the field of audio processing. Later in the completion of these technical studies he delved into the field of home automation. He is having done their work to studies in this field, with the development of a fully functional home automation system, which was awarded the highest rating.

After turning 20 years old, and once completed their first university studies, he decided to study engineering communications. It was a very difficult stage since the adptación by bridging course was very hard. But with 22 years he broke the record of credits approved in a single course and finished his studies with merit higher degree. In this last stage of studies, he investigated self-taught in the exciting world of telecommunications networks, having performed his new work order safety studies in this area.

Throughout this stage, he never abandoned creativity, His hobbies were still composing music, remixing music and develop interfaces and corporate images. So also it started in mechanics.

Professional Job

In 2005, just after finishing his studies, he began the personal challenge of finding work, within four months of interviews in October of that same year he began working for Telefonica, in the department of audiovisual services. At first the purpose for which was hired was the designer of engineering drawings, however little it would take to change. In less than a month, his bosses discovered the potential they had hired, and a restructuring in the newly formed team for the project Aragón TV, made the pass to be the new head of infrastrucutra network and IT for this project. After this , they followed many other projects , such as RTPA , Canalex , KISSTV ... (See professional jobs section). For many of whom served as project manager

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